Life at new job

I love my new job. Although a lot of things need to be learnt especially in term of project management and tendering processes, I really like it very much. I think mostly because of how much 'engineer' it makes me feel, compared to my previous position as maintenance engineer. Read drawings, do technical evaluations, perform calculations and sizing, review design, join testing, etc. I felt that I have become better technically. Electrical standards pun agak selalu tengok/baca compared to dulu. Lepas ni patutnya dah boleh jawab soalan pasal design yang tak dapat dijawab waktu assessment dulu-dulu.

This is my focus for this year. Upgrading UPS from Conventional Type to Modular Type. Although to some it is comparatively a small project, to me it is BIG. First ever project tuu. Ada sentimental value. I am praying hard that everything goes well. Luckily I have trusted buddies that I can refer to whenever I have problems or issues along the way, which has really helped a lot.

All in all I have seven projects this year. Ada yang on track, ada yang fast track, ada yang delay. Macam-macam ada.

Welcome to the world of project management.

P/S: Kerja baru ni banyak outstation compared to kerja lama, which means ada extra income dari outstation claim. LIKE!

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Anonymous said...

Lorr ingat new life at Bintulu...;)

P/S : UPS gpp4 tu ko buat sendiri la... Huhu

JuRi said...

bintulu dah cancel indefinitely.