neo progress payment

lamanya tak update! been so consumed with work lately. this new job has really taking up my time, especially with all the travelling involved.

anyway. that's story for another day.

i started paying progress interest payment for our neo damansara apartment to ambank since june 2011. cost me rm258 per month. one bad thing about this new loan is the late payment fee of rm10 if we miss a 14-day window from the due date. so far dah 3 bulan missed by a few days. that's rm30 down the drain. hampeh.

anyway the building construction progress looks ok. they have completed until 16th floor. a few more floors to go.

recently the developer has also launched sale of second block service apaartment, and from what i read it was selling like hot pisang goreng. good news. people are still buying it even though the price is higher that what i paid.

hopefully they can finish it on time.


zurahimi muslim said...

guna loan pet kah? kalau snp belum dapat dari lawyer, boleh start jumpa bank dulu dok? downpayment dah setel cuma tunggu snp siap.

JuRi said...

Nope, saving the pet loan for rumah yg nak duduk nanti. selalunya snp kena ada dulu baru bleh apply loan. tapi dah boleh shop around dulu tengok mana loan bank yg bagi offer terbaik!