alhamdulillah, assessment dah habis!!! but the assessor tak bagitau laa pulak black and white dah lulus ke belum. anyhow, it's already in the past, nothing i can do about it now, eh? tawakkal and doa je la... probably the official resulf will be published later in feb / march. let's hope for the best. as for now, no more studying! (not exclusively, at least).

soooo much were put on hold for this assessment. work is piling up, so gotta settle those. kia rio needs servicing (replace bearing, wiper, etc). on the money making front, need to settle the new contract for our suriamas apartment, wanna sell the gold bar (ada sapa2 nak beli? murah beb nak jual ni...), then take out money from epf to put in unit trust (and asw2020), and finally try asb-od for the first time this year. plan to settle all this before our march trip. cannot wait for that one too!

opss lupa lak. it's been a while dah tak main golf. tangan dah gatal2 ni...

only one azam this year.



Kerel said...

Congrats Bro, insyaAllah dapat tu. Lepas ni kena ajar aku pulak especially VSD, Power Quality and Condition Monitoring. Makin bersemangat ni.

Berapa nak jual gold bar tu? Berapa gram?

JuRi said...


amin. harap2 makbul. anyway gold bar nyer detail:
pamp suisse, 100g, 999.9
am looking to sell around rm12k.