golf tournament at awana

mmmm. dusty blog. it was a long hiatus due to super pack schedule for the past two weeks. work (read: ppa), futsal tournament, golf, asb-od, suriamas and photography. all with their own unique story. let's start with golf first. this morning a few friends and i joined a golf tournament at awana.

weather was good. green and fairway were ok. so there was really no reason to blame for the 102 total strokes (par 72 course). guess i am just not good enough. yet.

score card... dapat laa jugak 3 pars. but since the game format today was stableforth (system 36), so kira points laa instead of stroke. as i understand it, the way they calculated is like this: for every hole, 3 points is given for a par, 2 points for a bogey and 1 point for a double-bogey. furthermore, one additional point is given for every low index hole (i.e lubang susah). for a 24-handicapper, i get an additional point for holes with index 1-6 (24-18 = 6). i found the calculation is complicated at first, but becomes easier the more tournaments i joined. so much so that now, before teeing off dah mark awal2 lubang low index ni, make sure score bagus at these holes. dapat extra point. that's the key.

in the end, i got 29 points. satu point jer beza ngan tempat ke 5. kalau tak, mesti dapat voucher parkson yang agak masyukkk.

oh, lupa pulak.. today i discovered that i can put in a 200m drive (againts the wind lagi, hohoho). brader yang menang longest drive was at 216m. so i guess takde laa teruk sangat in the driving department.
as it is, short game is still my achilles heel...


wakif said...

mantap dah tu... tapi nak dapat tempat ke-5 tu ramai lagi yg menunggu hahaha!

JuRi said...

hahaha, betul tu. tak terfikir pulak. kita share je laa voucher tempat ke enam, ok tak?