from epf to pidf

on monday i managed to transfer epf money into public islamic dividend fund (pidf) to gain advantage on the (still) low price and increasing trend of the market. snapshots from latest prospectus (updated to june 09).

as usual, things to be submitted: a copy of ic (front and back on same page, with left and right thumbprints), a signed public mutual's epf investment form and epf withdrawal form (with signature and thumbprints).

btw, a new epf withdrawal form will be introduced and used starting on 1st nov 2009.

and ohh, on tuesday klci has already broken the 1200 points barrier! to get this in perspective, the klci peaked at 1500 points before the whole financial market crash fiasco about a year ago. it went bottom all the way to 800 points, before climbing back slowly since the start of this year. this has indeed put a lot of smiles to those who have invested in unit trust funds. woo hoo!

i don't really master the ups and downs of klci (yet), but to my understanding it relates pretty well to the performance of unit trust, especially to that of equity class.

p/s: i cannot imagine the returns for people who entered the market at the low point or those who had invested their money consistently. kudos to them!

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