late rental payment... almost!

today is 7th sept, but our tenant has not yet paid the rental for suriamas apartment. this is a bit weird since they have been very very good in terms of rental payment so far. usually by 2nd or 3rd of the month, the money is already in the bank. but not this month.

so i sent an sms early in the morning, just before wifey and i went to pkns shah alam for some baju raya shopping. the sms reads:

"morning! have you bank in the rental for this month yet? i've checked online and still haven't received it. please let me know if you have problem regarding this matter..."

i know the sms is a little friendly considering they haven't paid the rental yet. but our landlord-tenant relationship has been great so far, and i just don't wanna jeopardise it by being too stern. it's not like they have done this before anyway. truth be told, the tenant replied immediately:

"queuing up in the bank right now. sorry yah..."

ahh, sight of relief. off we went to shah alam. back from the shopping trip, i immediately checked m2u and was happy that the rental has been credited to our account. alhamdulillah.

next weekend we will visit suriamas to check out the apartment condition, give some kuih raya to them and also to settle a few issues with the management, which i will share later..


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