midnight shopping at uptown sham alam seksyen 24

my bro in law and i went to uptown shah alam to check out the night market last night. mak aaiii, happening gila! all sorts of stuff are on sale. jerseys, watches, bags, jeans, shirts, sunglasses, perfume, crocs, brooch. well, you get the idea. there's also stalls offering foods and drinks for dinner and late supper.

since now we are fasting and i'm not in the mood to write, layan gambar je laaa...

on weekends, there are a lot of people there and the place is really crowded, so it is advisable that parents do not bring their little ones, susah nak control nanti.

refer to googlemap on how to get there. opens from 7pm all the way to 3-4am in the morning!

happy shopping!

p/s: rule to live by when shopping there:
bargain, bargain, bargain!
never pay the sticker or offered price!

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