palace of the golden horses

i attended a technical training at palace of golden horses hotel yesterday. "asia's most extraordinary hotel", as claimed on its website. truth be told, the list of guests that have stayed at the hotel are impressive to say the least. from world leaders like the queen, to artists like shah rukh khan, to teams like man utd and chelsea. they even have collection of pictures on the wall for all of their famous guests.

the price is quite expensive. unless you have a lot of cash to spare or the room is being paid for by the company, i would not recommend you to stay at this hotel. the cheapest room stands at rm380 per nite, and that is an offer price! for more info go to golden horses. furthermore, it's quite difficult to eat out. the closest shopping mall would be the mines. you need to pay rm20 taxi fare or rm8 boat fare to get there.

the best part of training session at a hotel is the lunch buffet. macam2 ada! and here especially, there is always possibility of running into famous people. macam kat bawah nie. these were taken during malaysia-chelsea football match back in may.

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