golden oppurtunity

lama dah tak cakap pasal buat duit. asyik cakap pasal spend duit jer. anyway, about a month ago we invested some money into... jeng jeng jeng...


it started when my brother in law told me about etika emas estet, a new company that is involved in selling and buying physical gold. i ignored it at first, but after some internet reading, macam menarik laa pulak. especially with current financial condition: macam man utd, kejap menang, kejap kalah. ape nak jadi. isk isk.

actually in malaysia there are a few venues to invest in gold. it's all depending on ones personal requirement and risk appetite. basically we can divide them into two groups:

a) physical gold

1) jewelry (916 or 22k).
- can be bought at any goldsmiths / gold shops.

2) gold bars or wafers (999.9 or 24k)
- pamp s @ etika emas estet sdn bhd.
- bunga raya @ poh kong
- public gold @ publicgold sdn bhd.

3) gold bullion e.g. maybank kijang emas.

4) dinar kelantan

b) gold investment account

1) maybank gold savings passbook account
2) public bank gold investment account

normally the return is based on price appreciation over period of time and the pricing is based on the movement of world gold price, which can be monitored at

these are a few snapshots of gold price trending.

haaa, interesting eh? i am still learning about this whole gold investment. apart from the respective company's websites, one of my main reference is otai gila website ni. it has got very detail info such as the pros and cons of each type of gold investment, the do's and dont's, etc etc, specific for malaysia's market. siap ada forum lagi untuk berdiskusi dan q&a. a must read for everyove interested to know more about gold...

happy investing!

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