jom pi haji

since sekarang ni musim haji, terasa lak nak gi haji. heh heh. rukun ni beb... so we went to register our names into the 'haji registry' at tabung haji kerteh. the main condition for registration is to have a minimum balance of rm1.3k in the tabung haji account. and this amount will be 'locked'. so it cannot be taken out from the account. there is also an rm90 registration fee that have to be paid, which will be used for 'bayaran passport haji'.

the registration took less than 10 minutes. the lady on the counter then printed out a registration receipt, stating the estimated year which will be our turn to perform the hajj (kira masuk que laa nie). ours will be in 2022! in addition, they also gave a book on hajj for us to read/learn the basics on hajj. so we have a good 14 years to prepare before our turn is up... amin.

oh, lupa lak. we could actually register online at tabunghaji, but the registration fee would be rm100 instead of rm90. as for the long que, the lady told us that we can apply to go earlier by writing to tabung haji (at the start of the year that we intend to perform hajj), and it will be treated on case-by-case basis. i.e. kalau ada banyak orang cancel, then ada laa peluang nak pergi. ataupun kalau ada cable dalam panel pemilih tu ke... heh heh.


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