golf: first tournament

i started playing golf seriously about seven months ago. mostly learning from my ex-bos, who himself is a single handicaper (so cannot use bad teacher as an excuse!). currently my set consists of callaway x-16 iron set, big bertha fairwood, maxfli driver, and one 'old school' putter. all this were given to me by my father in-law. it's quite an impressive set for a starter. the irons are very forgiving (makes me looks better than i am), but i must say that the fairwood-3 is my favourite club at the moment. looking forward to buy a new putter though.. last week went to checkout "shop 72" at kuantan. they are selling one ping putter at rm340. will do some survey in kl at the end of this moth before deciding which one to buy.

i am now a golf member of kelab desa rantau petronas (kdrp) located in kerteh, literally just across the road from my house. currently trying to play at the course for at least 3-4 times a month to improve my course management and learned from other experienced golfers. practising averages 2-3 times a week, mostly on tuesdays and weds since the driving range is open till 10.30pm.

i entered my first official tournament two weeks ago, the KDRP's Club Championship 2007. method of play was strokeplay, playing 36 holes for two days. quite nervous at the start of the first day, since my flightmates have way more experience than me (2 guys with handicap 13 and another guy with handicap 22). i scored 117 strokes for the par-72 course on the first day, but managed to bring home 1 par!!! on the second day i repeated the score, but no par at all... :(

KDRP 36 holes par 144
- handicap = 24
- total strokes = 234
- par = 1 hole
- birdie = 0 hole
- 58th out of 60 players
- cost rm125 (rm 80 for fee, rm45 for turfmate rental)
- prize = zero!

this score will improve. target now to get score <100 strokes within 2 months by focusing on driving and short game (no more 3-putt).

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