golf: kdrp gold cup tournament

first of all, some pics of my golf gear (just added 'new' putter, driver and 3-wood, courtesy of my father in law, hehehe):

played my second tournament at kdrp today. had a very bad day at the office. the following is summary of my perfromance (or rather lack of it)...

m.o.p = strokeplay over 18-holes (par 72)
stroke = 114
par = 0
bogey = 0
cost = rm55 (40 for fee and 15 for turfmate)
prize = zero!

my iron and approach play did the damage. none of my approach shots meet the green at first attempt (in some of the holes, two attempts, hahaha). despite of the bad score, it's nice to note that my driver has found the fairway almost everytime and i only had one 3-putt.

now i need to focus on short irons. plan to join kdrp monthly medal tournament in april and hope to break 100 this time.

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