mahalnya kena bayar service honda city 40km!!!

last month i paid rm970 for our honda city 40km service. kopakkkk. i had it done at usj car express, the only honda service centre around subang area. the centre itself was good. spacious air-conditioned seating area, with astro, wifi and free coffee dispenser. the staff were friendly too.

honda city service is required every 5km. average cost per normal service is around rm190. major service for 20km is around rm500 (cannot really remembered how much i paid).

for next car purchase i have to really study the overall cost of car ownership (servicing cost, insurance, road tax, spare parts, warranty, resale value, etc) rather than just consider the monthly instalment. for some manufacturer like toyota only requires service every 10km (volkswagen even more at 15km intervals).

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