great loan offer for credit card settlement by kopetro

- this entry is re-posted due to accidental deletion -

kopetro is offering a credit card settlement facility for its members. up to rm30k can be applied.

at 0% profit rate charged by kopetro for the loan, this is a good opportunity to do a lump sum payment on credit card outstanding debt (therefore avoiding the high credit card interest of 18% per annum) and service the loan in monthly instalments instead.

as highlighted by wakif's on the original posting, the zero percent offer is too good to be true. there must be some payment required in terms of "management fee" involved in order for kopetro to make some profit. i suspect that the fee charge to be similar to their short term personal loan offer, which is 5%.

sapa nak bagi pinjam duit free-free, ye tak?

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budak_baru said...

penah tanya pasal dia punya charge.. and end up dissapointed.. dah lupa brapa % tp agak tinggi la..

so remove la shariah base tu... ads pon ada unsur nak menipu.. merosakkan imej perbankan islam je..