main golf dapat duit juta-juta!

when luke donald won the 2011 wgc-accenture match play golf tournament, he pocketted a cool $1.4m in prize money as a champion. that's rm4.2 millions for four days work.

picture googled. mana laa tak senyum mamat ni kan???

that is the measure of how much money golfers competing in pga tour are playing for. gila babas banyak. normally total prize money for a single tournament ranges from $3m to over $9m!!!

closer to home, in asian tour, the money offered is not bad either. maybank malaysian open is among the top with a total of $2.5m offered. memang best la jadi professional golfers ni. tapi kalau menang laa, kalau tak menang kang upah caddy pun tak boleh nak bayar pulak...

for the rest of us, we join monthly golf tournament at our local club saje lah, apa lagi! tapi dia punya hadiah tak masyukkk laa. hadiah pun pakai bagi voucher giant or parkson je. hehehe. kalau tak salah champion dapat dalam rm400 gitu (tak sure sebab tak pernah jadi champion lagi, huhu). this year i joined two tournaments and alhamdulillah, both times dapat top 10 and belasah voucher sikit-sikit. january medal dapat no 8 (rm50), march medal dapat no 5 (rm80). increasing trend ni. harap2 next tournament dapat top 3 lah pulak. the winning is not that important (tak banyak pun kan), yang penting dapat improve skills and the mental side of the game...

january 2011: 1-over par, handicap 20 (no 8 medal-b)

march 2011: par, handicap 21 (no 5 medal-b)

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