public mutual investment cantek!

i watched man utd vs spurs last night. the 0-0 draw was not typical of man utd-spurs match which normally is a high scoring game. i even had time to check our update on public mutual investment (eventhough not much, still have to monitor from time to time). since i've sold pissf and the dissappointing picf (ada ke fund invested kat china yang return ok???), the only funds left are pief (public islamic equity fund) and pidf (public islamic dividend fund). both of which i used mt epf money.

PIEF: 41% within 2 years and 5 months.

PIDF: 28% within 1 year and four months

alhamdulillah. so far so good.

on the other hand, if i had stayed on which the other two funds mentioned earlier:

PICF: -14% after 3 years!!! hampeh!

PISSF: 29% after three years good!

overall, with exception of PCIF, i think that after 3 years, the return from mutual funds is pretty good. it is designed to be a medium to long term investment option anyway. our first ever venture in public mutual fund was PIOF back in 2005 (baru masuk keje, sikit je masuk), and check out the return:

PIOF: 142% within 5 years and six months!!!

i just remembered that we can now invest our epf money into public ittikal too! this particular fund has been the key incidator to pm's islamic funds. kira fund yang paling popularlah. kalau tanya agent/s, mesti graph public ittikal ni yang selalu dijaja2. sebab performance dia memang mantapppp.

mmm, nak keluar lagi ke tak duit epf ni???

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