pchem shares: handsome return!

yeaaa! finally managed to sell of our pchem share at rm6.20. happy! first time ever experience stock trading, dapat 20% return in two months! patut laa ramai orang kayo-rayo main saham nih (likewise ramai yang jadi kayappppp).

i used cimb-itrade website for the trading, since i created my cds account with them. the website is super cool. senang meh nak jual-beli saham.

first go to 'trading hall' after successfully logged into the website... then pick the share, right-click and select 'sell'...

the selected share name will appear at the bottom corner. key in the target price and amount of units to be sold. detail calculation will appear, including the nett gain after deduction of trading fee.

a trading pin is required to complete the transation. this is pre-registered during creation of cds account. one final check and with one click on the sell button......... walla!

the sell order can be viewed in the 'order book' page. once the target price is reached and the share is sold, an email will be sent for notification. simple gila!

eventhough the price of pchem is expected to go higher than rm6.20, i was content with the gain made. ok lah tu. tak boleh tamak2. ada friends yang let go earlier at rm5.70, ada yg still waiting for the price to hit rm6.70, even rm7.00. i guess it depends on ones' risk appetite.

what an opening eye experience! boleh slow2 belajar trading nih. baru laa tahu bila nak beli, bila nak jual balik, etc.

just following the crowd and hearsay is definitely a recipe for disaster!

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