kemasek land update!

alhamdulillah, our kemasek land project finally gave a positive progress. last week i went to our lawyer's office in dungun to collect a copy of geran tanah. this is a shared geran, which contains details on the location of the land and list of the lot owners on that piece of land (name, ic number and addresss). in our case, the land is divided into 24 lots, 650m2 each lot. we purchased one lot and put wifey's name as the owner.

unfortunately, they mispelled wifey's name laa pulak. nor julaida. ada ke patut? slack betul. tak sure whether the lawyer's office salah submit ke, or pejabat tanah salah typo. tak pasal2 we need to go to pejabat tanah and ask them to change the name. sure kena bayar lagi ni. but based on the lawyer, he will settle this during the issuance of individual geran for each lot later. harap2 betul laa.

although it is a shared geran, from what i understand it is still a legal document. siap ada tulis pemilikan selama-lamanya lagi. heh heh. so it can be used to apply for for loan ke, nak buat rumah ke atas lot tu ke, etc. we can even sell our lot to other people.

anyone interested to buy a kemasek lot? dekat dengan mesra mall tu...


zurahimi muslim said...

dimanakah and berapekah

JuRi said...

yg kitorang tu agak dalam hutan. in fact takde jalan tar lagi pun. hehehe. tu yang murah. tengah berharap future jiran2 buat rumah situ dulu. hehehe. kitorang beli rm13k. klu nak yg betul2 dekat mesra mall (rm20k selot), nanti aku tanya mamat jual tanah tu klu ada available lagi.