pief: one year on...

exactly a year ago, i invested some of my epf money into public mutual unit trust. to be specific, public islamic equity fund, pief. here is the fund performance within that period (graph taken from publicmutual website):

it is clear from the chart that the return within one year period is 11.18%! this is waaaaayyyy better than epf annual return of around 5%. hmmmm. nice!

but to know the accurate return, i have to do some calculation, because the graph only shows the unit price appreciation, and it does not consider the upfront service fee, as well as annual dividend given to this particular fund. to do this, i refer to my latest pief statement, as below:


amount invested @ 29/8/08 : rm2,500
total units (minus 3% service fee) : 8,561.50 @ rm0.2835/unit

dividend earned @ 1/6/09 : rm141.93
total units reinvested : 522.96 @ rm0.2714/unit

total units after dividend : 9,084.46

pief unit price @ 28/8/09 : rm0.2961

pief value in rm @ 28/8/09 : 9,084.46 x rm0.2961 = rm2689.90

total return = (2689.9 - 2500)/2500 x 100 = 7.6%

still, better than if i've left the money sitting on epf, right? even with the upfront service fee, i can still make a decent return from the investment.

and since the market is on the uptrend, i'm going to invest more of my epf money into unit trust... sape2 nak join, jom laa.

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