invest in asb through maybank2u

maybank has introduced this new feature on its online banking system quite sometime ago. i just didn't get around to try it. i did this morning and it's really easy, surely beats queueing up at the bank. all i needed were my m2u account, asb account number, my handphone and access to internet.

1. log in m2u and select asnb unit trust under 'investment' tab.

2. enter the amount to invest (in multiples of rm1, with minimum amount of rm1 and max amount depending on the allowable asb limit). the asb account number is also entered at this point.

3. as part of standard m2u safety protection, t.a.c number has to be entered. this can be retrieved by clicking the 'request t.a.c number' tag. the number will be sent to the registered handphone via sms. enter the t.a.c number and ensure that the asb account number is correct before clicking the 'confirm' button!

4. transaction status and summary is then displayed. be sure to print a copy for future reference.

that's it. the whole process took less than 2 minutes, about the same amount of time it takes to fill up the manual asb additional investment form at the bank. additional info:
- rm1 service fee per transaction.
- transaction can be done from 12am to 5pm monday to friday.
- investment to third party asb account is possible. on the other hand, it's very important to ensure that correct asb account number is entered to avoid hassle in the future.

happy investing!


suria said...

thanks for the info.senangla pasni

jnr said...

betul betul betul. memang senang. selamat menyimpan!