weekend at tasik kenyir.

we spent one great weekend at tasik kenyir. a lot of outdoor activities, the most memorable one for me was visit to herbal park, because the tour-guide is out of this world! kelakar gila!

at this tiny island i found the answer to all men most wanted wish...

they also provided tongkat ali and kacip fatimah tasting to the visitors. along with it a book for them to write down comments.. macam2 orang tulis!

best gila trip ni! read everything about it at wifey's.

next stop: tenggol island!


popo said...


nok gi Tenggol bagitau wei... nak ikut sekali.. lama tak snorkeling..

Radzi ECRO

juri said...

popo, nak kena survey harga and timing dulu nie. ke ko dah ada pengalaman / contact kat sana yang bleh bagi diskaun?