comparing assets...

last week i was away for 5 days in kl. ada training, pastu balik rumah mentua. i spent a lot of time catching up with the latest news. i don't know why, bila aku outstation jer sempat baca paper, waktu duduk kerteh tak baca paper sangat (sebab duk hotel dapat paper free kot??). macam2 dah berlaku kat malaysia ni...

anyway, i found an advertisement on the newspaper about the latest market price of our suriamas apartment (survey by

2005 purchase price = rm197k
2009 market price = rm236k
that's over rm40k appreciation within 4 years.

on the other hand, the price of our kia rio 1.4a (motor trader magazine):

2005 purchase price = rm72k
2009 market price = rm39k
that's around rm30k depreciation within 4 years.

ada duit, beli rumah / tanah / emas... jangan beli kereta!

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