sorting out the mess

yesterday i managed to sort our piles of utility bills, receipts, bank slips, apartment related documents, unit trust papers, payslips, credit cards statements, car records, insurance, etc etc... perghh, lega gila rasanya. all the stuff have been everywhere: inside rio's glove box and seat pockets, inside the drawer, in the remote control box as well as in a few folders.

before compilation

i decided to divide the papers into two folders. the first one contains monthly spending bills such as tmnet, celcom, electricity & water bills, car service bills, etc. the second one is for documentations related to our assets and investments, for instance apartment papers, unit trust records, asb & tabung haji books, tax forms, epf annual statement, ea forms, kopetro, etc. i got the idea after reading an article about simplifying your financial from Personal Money Magazine.

after compilation

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