new golf buddies

i got a few friends starting to golf recently, which has made me a very happy golfer. all this while i've been struggling by myself at the driving range. sekarang ni dah ada geng, takde laa boring sangat.

dulu2 waktu i first started, i spent too much time hitting balls on the range, segan/takut nak main in the course dengan orang2 yg dah terer. but practice lama2 kat range ni lambat jadi terer, because cannot appreciate the different shots that are needed when playing in the course. plus we can also learn the rules and golf ethics as well.

so we went to the kdrp course today and had a blast! we really took our time, siap sempat snap pictures lagi. in all, we spent more than 4 hours to complete just nine holes!


Jiran Belakang Umah said...

patut la wirid lepas sembanhyang jumaat sekejap je... nak pergi menebas rupanya....hhehheee lain kali ajak kawe sekali yer

jnr said...

kalau tak main golf pun wirid memang pendek :(
siapakah gerangan "Jiran Belakang Rumah" nie sebenarnya?