suriamas: renovation update #1

perghh, it's been a while since i wrote down my thoughts into this blog. this is update on the progress of our apartment. we picked up the keys to our apartment and performed inspection on it back in july 08. we handed back the defect list for the developer to repair and they promised to do it within a month. but when we went there just before ramadhan (two months later), surprisingly nothing has been done on our unit. so we've decided pick our own contractor to do the repair job plus some renovation works.

at the start:
1. signed the defect list, took the parts (tile, paint, door knob, socket outlets, etc) from the management since our own contractor will do the repair job. they were more than happy to give this since they did not have to do the repair work themselves.
2. requested management to switch on the electricity and water to the apartment. checked the water flow, but had some problem with bathroom plumbing. asked them to rectify. done!
3. paid rm1000 to the apartment management as renovation deposit (in case there is damage to the structure of the building, etc). plus rm50 for 'admin fee', non refundable. dunno what's that for.
4. get renovation quotations (compared a few of them), picked the contractor that we like and paid deposit. signed a letter to let the management know that we've picked them (i.e. authorised them) to do renovation at our unit.

the grill:
1. installed the standard grill as per instruction from the management. a bit dissapointed on the design (macam grill penjara jek). cannot afford the 'invisible grill' like some of the richer owners did on their unit. have to make do with this.
2. total cost: rm1800

master bed and entrance grill

the yard:
1. installed a kitchen cabinet. it has a tiled table top with built in stove and double sink as well as bottom cabinet. This includes a 5x5 tiled wall along the table top. additional wiring for socket outlets and exhaust fan.
2. set up a special place for washing machine (with piping and socket outlet).
3. installed a sliding glass window, complete with exhaust fan since the cooking will be done in here.
4. the yard now becomes a wet kitchen/laundry area.
5. total cost rm5500

yard outside view, sliding window and kitchen cabinet

the kitchen:
1. installed a kitchen cabinet. this one has a solid surface table top (white), sink, bottom and top cabinet (black) as well as a space for oven/microwave.
2. rewiring for additional power points.
3. changed the original window between kitchen and the yard.
4. total cost rm4200 (pic shows work in progress)

the dining/living area:
1. installed a simple cornice at the entrance, living and hallway.
2. bought a remote controlled fan (5 blades), and installed two cute lightings to light up the area.
3. contractor let us pick one colour to paint at our feature wall. we picked melon red.

the bathroom:
1. installed water heaters (brand pensonic) at both bathrooms. bought at giant shah alam.
2. installed a mirror and soap-place thingy.

f.o.c stuff:
1. repaint the whole house.
2. clean and mop the whole house.
3. installation of water heaters, langsir, etc.
4. repair works on the tiles, door knob, elcb, socket points, etc.
5. door bell.
6. door stopper.
7. repair works for the bathroom.
8. feature wall paint.

all these works are expected to be completed next weekend. will update more photos later, including some awesome furniture and lighting that we've bought!

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