suriamas sunway: key collection

finally! we've received a letter from skillcett (our housing developer) requesting us to collect the keys to our apartment, as well as to perform inspection on our unit for any defects. but before that, we need to settle some sort of payment amounting to rm1.6k (i forget what is the payment called). mana laa nak korek duit ni. hehe.

artist impression

actual building in progress

we bought the apartment back in 2005. it's called suriamas and located near sunway piramid. we went to their show unit and just fell in love with the size and interior decor. checkout some pictures from its official website (i copied the above pictures from there too). hopefully the actual unit is as good as the show unit. it has 4 rooms, 2 baths and total floor area of around 1200 sq ft. our unit will be on the 2nd floor. there will be a total of over 600 units, divided into 3 blocks (a, b, and c).

since this is our first property, a lot of stuff is new to us. but we learned a lot about home buying and ownership from internet. in fact there is already a suriamas forum.

hmm, cannot wait to check out the unit. plan to go there in a couple of weeks!


AzFiqs said...

Man, aku tak beli lagi rumah, still house hunting..Dah berbulan2 dah ni..susah btul nak cari rumah idaman yg the price within the budget. So kiranye nanti ko nak pindah keje KL ke ape?

Nadlique said...

Nampak lawa apartment tu! :)

Berapa harganya?

JNR said...

azfiqs: beb, dah kena start cari dah, kang si adam tu dapat adik(s) kang mesti nak umah besor nyer.. harga bukan makin turun pun..
kerja kl tu ada dlm plan laa, tgh dlm process nie.

JNR said...

nadlique: setakat ni kat luar memang lawa. harap2 kat dlm pun lawa laa. we bought this one for just under rm200k. ada lagi other units yg mahal lagi. ni jer yg mampu.