dengue fever rapid test: negative!

my body felt tired for the past few days, and it became worst yesterday afternoon. body temperature went up and my back ached. plus flu and coughing too. the whole set.

earlier in that morning, i received bad news of a friend passed away due to dengue hemorrhage fever. this guy lived at the same housing area and for the past few weeks, worked at the same place with me. he's still young and just had a baby. kesian giler beb. may allah bless him and placed him among the good guys up there. al-fatihah.

so aku pun cuak gila laa beb! i went to see a doctor and took dengue fever rapid test. alhamdulillah it was negative for dengue virus and it turned out that my body was attacked by bacteria. doctor prescribed me antibiotics for this and after a day of rest, i felt better (hence the ability to blog this, hehe). oh lupa pulak, dapat two days of MC too :) just to be on the safe side, the doctor asked me to take another blood test after two days.

i think three weeks of working late has finally caught up with my body. i have got to spend more time for myself and love ones. i am taking the whole week off to balik kampungs and get more of 'me' time, which should translate to sleep, golf and repeat football highlights.

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