penang: feringgi night market and jemputree dinner

we went to penang last weekend to attend wedding ceremony of whoda and todeq. it was also our first time flying fireflyz. we took the flight from kuala terengganu to bayan lepas airport, and it cost us about rm390 for the roundtrip. photos onboard fireflyz:

we went to batu ferringi night market and did some shoppings. it has little shops along the sidewalk (my guess about 1km long maybe?) sellng everything like souvenirs, arts, tradisional crafts, t-shirt and jerseys, accesories, bags, etc etc. the price was cheap too! from what i'm being told, it opens daily from 7pm till early morning. some colourful scenes from feringgi...

we had dinner at jemputree, a unique restaurant with concept of dining in rainforest. they also have a treehouse, but we could not dine there because other patrons were there when we arrived. besides, it would have been difficult to bring up adam's stroller on top of the tree. hehehe. i totally recommend beef stroganoff and breeze cream as beverage. although, the traditional food is only OK, such as penang kueh teow and nasi goreng.. better off eating at gerai laa..

it was such a fun trip, especially with the company of adam, ashraf and ina. thanks guys for the great time. next time kena gi lama sikit, since there a still a lot of places to visit, nak pekena nasi kandar line clear pun tak sempat. kempunan...

rocking adam (betul ke teknik nie?) while waiting for jun and his mom shopping at elle, queensbay mall..

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