misai kucing at agro setiu

i had a great time during a team building session with colleagues at agro setiu resort. it was a three day, two night event, filled with fun outdoor activities aimed to boost 'ukhwah' and cohesiveness between the staff.

agro resort is located about 15 minutes north of permaisuri town in setiu. the theme of the resort is agriculture and outdoor activities. it is surrounded by beautiful plantations, and bordered by national reserve forest of gunung tebu. they also built a few lakes in and around the area. other than the usual outdoor activities, they also have a few fish ponds, a nursery of herbs and flowers and bird farm. they even have a karaoke room! visit agrosetiu.

we picked ''misai kucing" as our group name, as it seemed fitting with the theme of the resort (they have every traditional herbs over there, such as tongkat ali, gajah mengawan, kacip fatimah, and of course, misai kucing). some of the activities involved are jungle trekking, master and commander (building and racing raft), kayaking, barbecue and community service at nearby mosque. we also have to invent group flag, motto, trademark and war cry and perform group presentation in front of the whole crowd.

here are fun pictures taken throughout the three days:

ice breaking session...

jungle trekking...


chilling out: swimming, kayak, and drinking 'tuak'..

one of the tasks while we were jungle trekking was to answer some riddles, here are some that i still remember:

1. cecair apa yang bila dididihkan, akan bertukar menjadi pepejal?

2. seseorang berjalan atas pasir ditepi pantai yang berombak, tetapi apabila dia memandang ke belakang, kesan tapak kakinya tiada. mengapa?

3. dalam banyak2 bahagian ayam, bahagian mana yang tak dipanggil ayam?

4. apa bezanya jatuh pokok kelapa dengan jatuh perigi?

that's it. looking forward to more events like this. oh by the the way, misai kucing was crowned the overall winner!!

"power power misai kucing! meeoow meeoow!!!"

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