loyalty card: petronas mesra card & petrol voucher

i went down to paka's petronas petrol station to check and redeem mesra card points today. current point total is 41,000 (accumulated over 2-3 years, i think). i decided to redeem all points to get petronas gift voucher. the rate is rm10 for every 1000 points. so i would have rm410 worth of vouchers that can be spent at any petronas stations for petrol and other stuff being sold at their mesra shops.. now that's what i call free money!

but unfortunately i cannot redeem the points because mine is a supplementary card. the main card belongs to jun. so i ended up requesting replacement card for jun since we lost the card long long time ago.

i found out that i can request mesra to deliver the vouchers, but the conversion rate would be rm10 for every 1200 points, which means i would lost rm10 for every 6000 points redeemed via post (similar conversion if requested online). i.e:

6,000 points redeemed @ station = rm60 voucher
6,000 points redeemed @ phone = rm50 voucher

there are a lot of other stuff that can be redeemed. more info at mesra.com. i am not sure what other loyalty cards offer, (bonuslink, mobil lifestyle, etc etc), but will do some research around to find out more.

the day ended up on a bright note though. another friend of mine redeemed all of his 48,000 points for vouchers and became rm480 richer (and he didn't even know about the voucher offer in the first place!). jealous pulak rasa... then he treat me to a cup of buttered corns for telling him about the vouchers. yummy!

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