saham bank rakyat

i know this is late news... i don't care. after patiently waiting in line at the bank for almost two hours, i am now a proud owner of rm500 worth of 'saham bank rakyat'. finally.

although they put rm500 cap on each individual application, we can still apply for some extra portion by filling in an application form, macam gambar kat atas tu. based on the officer who handled my registration, up to rm100k can be applied, then a committee will decide and approve the final amount, if any. i don't put too much hope though. kalau ada rezeki, dapat lah. kalau tak, bukan rugi apa pun.

historically, the dividend payout has been consistent at 15% for the past 5-7 years. but the officer told me that the dividend will be paid directly into my saving account, so there's no compounding effect as far as saham bank rakyat is concerned.

still, sapa nak bagi free2 75 ringgit every year, right?


MR & MRS. RIDZ said...

hi! nk ty, do u think this saham still avaible by 19th?

JuRi said...

officer kat branch kata sampai akhir bulan ni kot. diorang pun tak sure. kat website pun tak specify end date.