asb dividend 2010

3rd jan 2010. i went to the bank today and...... perrrgghhh. ramainya umat! semua dengan senyum berdebar menanti nak update buku. tahun 2010 pnb declared asb dividend of 7.5% and 1.25% bonus. this is a little bit higher than the previous year. ok ke? personally i think should be higher, but since tak terer economics, so tak nak aaa debate. let's hope that dividend declared for asb 2011 will be higher.

so what to do with the dividend? mine of course to purchase a gold bar. why? because of its price appreciation for 2010 (source: been reading a few publications that estimate the price could go up to usd2000/ounce in 2011. dulu2 waktu i first purchased gold in september, the estimated year end 2010 price was usd1500, lastly ended up around usd1420. ok lah estimate tu. total appreciation for 2010 was around 30%. my plan for gold this year is to purchase every quarter, to see the effect of cost averaging.

what a start to 2011!

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