2010: year that was...

what a year 2010 turned out to be... i cherished all the beautiful moments and continuous blessings that i had, and the bad events as well, for that has made me more matured as i intend to start my first year in the 3-series-club with a bang, macam gol safee sali kat stadium bung karno hari tu...

on the money making front:
i think i did pretty ok this year. continued to save in asb, tabung haji and kopetro on monthly basis. no addition to public mutual. i started to put some into gold (public gold) and share (pchem). our suriamas apartment rental income (and tenant) was good too, plus i purchased neo damansara studio unit which will be ready in 2012. while all of these will not make me retire at 35, i still think i did ok.

on career and everything that came with it:
i got promoted to senior executive after 5 and a half year of working, which was pretty decent, but not spectacular (ada orang buat 3 tahun jer). gaji naik, kerja sama. i should be happy, but i wasn't. the job became too routine for me. when a proposed move fell thru back in october, i was devastated, started to become moody and picky at work. ada laa ter-send a few emails sound boss and colleagues, which i then regret very much. but there were some great moments too, especially part that made me felt like an engineer, during commissioning or troubleshooting or plant turnaround, as well as outstations and office events macam futsal etc..

on traveling and enjoying life:
our usa trip was super fun. it realy was the highlight of 2010. until now i still remember it vividly. but then apart from a short business trip to singapore and a weekend spent in melaka, we did not go anywhere else, which i deeply regret. banyak nak kena cover 2011 nanti.
i rewarded myself with an iphone and a laptop this year (occasional impulse buys like pants and golf caps tu ada jugakk la, but minimal ok!). pastu angkat honda city sebijik so now whenever either of us needs to go outstation, tak perlu tumpang2 orang dah. though i missed sending her to work bila dah ada dua keta nie.

on golf and photography:
played plenty of golf this year. but am still hoping to be better at it. apart from exercise and my way of spending some 'me' time, i had to admit that the networking i get from it is very very benificial.
golf took most of my weekends away, therefore my lack of improvement in photography was evident. i semangat gila early in the year (siap buat 2 weddings lagi tu), but then realised the amount of energy required in photo-editing is a lot! so i kind of gave it up, just guna my d90 bila ada family or work events je..

on life as it is:
until now i can't figure out what our future will be like. it's difficult to make decisions to change life directions when being tied to a work contract. maybe later bila contract dah habis can make drastic changes. four years to go and in the mean time kena increase savings, just in case. my feelings always changes: sometimes wanna work and live in kl. sometimes i like the slow and peaceful life in kerteh. sometimes felt like leaving it all and migrate to some place else. we had our challenges and 'ujian's from up above and they can sometimes made me doubt. i've gotten used to it now and berserah and realised that i can either be all moody about it or embrace what life has to offer. and that is just what i'm planning to do.

2011.. get ready. it's gonna be legen............dary!
(quote barney from how i met your mother series).


dos said...

bro... kau lupa "wait for it...." before "dary". hehehe

anyway happy new year to u and Jun.

JuRi said...

ye la bro.. kantoi laa ko layan gak series tu. kakaka...

have a great year to your family too!

zurahimi muslim said...

selamat semua nya...btw tak suke barney tu! huhu...

JuRi said...

barney ok lah. dia jujur and ikhlas aper... tak yah jaga2 perasaan orang lain.