Layan sport rim kat kedai papan

I had a chance to check out the most famous sport rims shop in kuala lumpur last weekend. The shop was huge!!! It has two sections, one side is for rims 16" and below the other side is for 17" and above.

Official shop name is 'perkhidmatan tayar hing leong', but more affectionately called 'kedai papan'. when i arrived, the shop was packed with customers selecting rims of their choice and negotiating the best they could get. The shop caters the demands with five replacement bays on each lot.

macam orang beli ikan kat pasar! the price was really cheap, compared to other places. even the trade-in price pun mahal jugak dia ambik.

kedai papan klang ni memang jual sport rims murah. address dia senang je. search petrol pump shell jalan kapar kat google map or garmin.

myself pun sempat usya few rims for our 'vintage' rio. After over 200km of loyal service, its time to upgrade it.

mmmm, mana satukah patut ku pilih ni?

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Matjoe said...

bro, couldnt agree more with your comment. kalau senang keluar mcm ATM, alamat benda tak cemas pun jadi chemas

p/s: lawa gak sport rim

Anonymous said...

Hey i am suuper boy

JuRi said...

Mat joe. Kawe dah pernah letak 'emergency fund' kat saving account with atm. Kejappppp je dia hilang. Hampeh.

sports rim memang cantek. Kena pilih betul2 nie.