beli apartment neo dapat duit!

a week before raya i submitted an epf applcation to withdraw some money from account 2, under 'pengeluaran membeli rumah'. up to 20% of the neo damansara apartment can be claimed back (10% of the cost plus the initial deposit paid, which is usually 10%).

the withdrawal procedure is quite simple, just need to prepare some documents related to the property purchased and fill in an application form.

1. ic photocopy
2. sale and purchase agreement
3. loan letter of offer from bank
4. bank statement
5. completed epf form 9c

my first submission was rejected because the bank statement did not have my full name printed. hampeh. plus i did not bring the original loan letter of offer. since the bank did not certified the photocopy upfront, epf team need to see the original letter. same goes to s&p as well.

the lady who entertained my application at the epf office was really nice and helpful though. tak jadi nak marah although kena reject. kan bagus kalau semua customer service officer baik macam dia.

some important points:
1. both the property and loan must be under applicant's name.
2. s&p must be max of 3 years old.
3. all account 2 balance can be withdrawn (minimum withdrawal rm500).
4. application for 2nd property can only be done if the 1st property has change of ownership.

balik2 from kampung, tengok duit dah masuk dalam bank account. memang pantas aaa diorang ni. kpi tiga minggu, seminggu lebih je dah masuk.


ini seterusnya akan di channel ke ruang2 pelabuaran yang memberi return more than the usual 5% given by epf.

gotta stay away from golf stores and car custom shops now!!!

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