2010 us trip

spent merdeka day in kerteh. pagi tadi dah kena 9 holes kat kgrp. pancit. after zohor, spent time browsing through photo albums with star world repeats on the background. stumbled upon our us trip pictures. best betul trip ni... jom layan gambar.

1. first time ever in klia golden lounge: the facility was superb. great food, wifi, prayer room, shower, etc. and oh, ada putting room too!

2. boarding time: mas airline. economy class. flight food. best!

3. transit in uk: lepak airport je. my trip partner dah start shopping. signs of things to come!

4. arrived in newark airport, new york: from london, amik british airways. sampai2, kena tahan dengan airport security. ada laa dalam 2 jam went through second level security control. masuk in this small room, filled with all kinds of people. immigrants ada, yg macam gangster pun ada. gila cuak. ada yang tengah gaduh ngan immigration officers. last2 i had an individual interview ngan polis tu. apparently my family name ada dalam their wanted list. dah clarify, 2 min jer habis. nasib baik tak kena bogel. lega but terus bad mood. hence no picture of the airport.
*tips: even passenger in transit needs to go through the passport control (unlike in other countries), so must make sure ample time between the flights, just in case kena masuk bilik kecik tu. ada a few people yg miss transit flight. kesian diorang.

5. our nyc crib: located in 137th street, manhattan. agak dodgy area in the night. tapi ok je bila siang. rented a room in a student house. cosy and murah and the host was super helpful! wifey found this from airbnb.com. dia memang hebat part2 planning trip ni.

6. scenes in times square: memang pure tourist spot la. berjuta2 orang ada. ada gift shops, hard rock cafe, m&ms museum, ripley's, cheesecake and pizza shops, tourist centre, etc, etc, etc.

7. world trade centre: they're building some sort of monument / building over there. there's a building nearby which acts as a small museum to display all things related to the 9/11 unfortunate event. worth a visit.

8. brooklyn bridge: the bottom part is for cars and the upper deck is for people to walk through, or jog, or bike. spring time ni memang cantek la kalau jogging.

9. statue of liberty and ellis island. ada big, famous green figure. semua orang pi tengok. so kita pun pi jugak laa. advisable to go super early in the morning as the ticket line can be very very very long!

10. niagara falls: beautiful scene. memang mahahebat ciptaan Ilahi. air melimpah tak henti2. we drove up to the falls from nyc. rent a dodger. not a bad ride at all. stayed in a few motels along the way.

11. shopping shopping shopping: this trip was 70% shopping, 30% sightseeing. we went to almost all outlets along nyc, new jersey, niagara falls and in between. seriously, guys yang tak suka shop pun sure jadi gila once they've been to these outlets. girls jangan cakap laaa. and then, once back home, sure tak beli dah shirts and pants and shoes and bags at the mall (at least not the same brands). that's how cheap the price was!

12. the end. many more pictures, tapi nak bukak posa dah ni...

one of the most rewarding experience ever. looking forward to our next adventure...


zurahimi muslim said...

Huhu nok g jugok. Jun jadik trip planner buleh? Heh.

JuRi said...

boleh sangat nak join pn zura oiii...
tapi boleh tak kalau nak charge harga trip planner? huhuhu.