taking a break

lama betul tak menulis. letih. hidup kacau. been super busy with work for the past three weeks. plant shutdown equals going to work early and coming back around midnight (though not everyday, but still...). nasib baik buat kerja electrical. mostly kerja dalam bangunan substasi. at least ada aircond. heh heh. kesian betul tengok geng2 mechanical and instrument buat kerja dari pagi, tengah hari sampai malam buta. panjat column, cabut valve, buat welding, cuci strainer, masuk vessel. pergghh. memang tabik spring to them. tapi electrical job mencabar gaks. in other ways. just less strain physically jer. still, i'm so thankful...

enough about work. time for a break from it all.

kicked off my mini break with a golf trip to kajang area. oh heaven betul! pagi2 drove from kerteh, arrived with ample time (sempat a few stops for food, lepak2) and got ready for our 2.30pm tee time at kajang hill golf club. easily the best course i've been to so far.

clubhouse facilities are simple, but great. changing room with jacuzzi and sauna. nice. a lot of international patrons. so ada la pulak yang bernaked dalam tu. aduh. mengembalikan kenangan silam waktu main bola and pergi gym kat sheffield dulu. hoho. part yang tak tahan ada gak locals do the same. sengal betul pakcik2 tu.

back to golf. the par-72 course is quite long at 7,148 yards (black tee. kitorang layan blue tee jer), with mixed difficulty levels over the 18 holes, enough to give a real test to 20+ handicappers. i was really impressed on how beautiful their fairways and greens were. only a few holes involve playing across/along pond, which i like! in the end dapat score 94 gross. not bad at all. champion of the day was wynn with 92. tiba2 pulak power mamat ni. he just had a hot day with the putter a.k.a miss rossa. memang terer. pok ning yang kena saman on the way kat highway earlier, stress gila and end up dengan score yg agak tinggi. hohoho. marah dia kat wynn.

total cost was rm135 per person, all in (buggy, insurance, green fee, caddy tak wajib ambik) as well as a japanese dinner for four persons. value for money considering the quality of the course. totally recommended!

the following morning we all teed-off at bukit unggul country club in bangi. this par-71 course memang terunggul dengan bukit-bukau throughout the 18-holes. first hole dah gayat tengok the fairway almost 100m below its tee. big trees or ponds along the fairway, so it requires accurate driving at each holes. kalau bola pergi fairway lain, jangan mengharap laaa. a lot of short par 4s with corners left or right (typical for hilly course). so those who can whack a drive more than 200m, can cut through the corners and left with wedge shot to the green. pok ning can and did. and it really reflected on his score of 85 gross. gila. memang nak kena potong handicap dah budak ni. buaya. i managed a 91. ok la tu.

its clubhouse facilities are good too. tapi takde sauna and jacuzzi la. the restaurant has a lot of food options, but we didn't try sebab nak lunch kat luar. entrance road from the main road to the reception was not really taken care of, nampak macam dah abandoned. which might give a false impression on the condition of the course. fairway grass really great, green banyak yang berpasir though. tengah treatment kot. total cost was rm95 per person for green fee, buggy twin sharing, caddy fee and insurance.

pueh hati betul main.. ok pasni kena kerja pulak.. bulan 8 ada plant shutdown lagi!

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