maran hill golf course.

today sultan terengganu bagi cuti. so apa lagi, another golf trip. this time to maran hill golf course. last minute preparation has lead to only two flights jer yang dapat permit from respective approving authority kat rumah. hehehe. soooo thankful that mine is ever so sporting about this. huhu. luv ya darling!

the course is located about 3km from the maran exit off lpt expressway. as the name suggests, the course is........ hilly. naik, turun, naik, turun. letih, nasib baik boleh guna buggy on course. kalau tak, sure pancit. fairway grass are good, few bad patches along the way, but overall, memang best. require highly-accurate driving or else, bola gi kolam or masuk hutan or out of bound! greens there are fast!!! it is so easy to three-putt on all eighteen holes. the only downside would be their bunkers. the sand are super hard. macam batu!

the clubhouse facilities are minimal, basic changing room, surau, etc etc. the reception room also acts as pro-shop, selling basic items like balls, tees, shirts, glove, etc. restaurant food was ok too. cannot complaint too much since they only charged rm65 per person for green fee and buggy (twin sharing). mulah!

boring tulis. layan gambar ajelaa. oh lupa pulak, i scored 96 gross. ok la tu for a first time score. came in second place behind pro latip.

boleh laa plan datang sekali lagi.


BeautifulMindLife said...

Saw the picture of 4 of you. Ko kidal?

But the putting picture shows you're a righty?

JuRi said...

never thought that anyone would notice! last minute pau member punya driver for the picture beb. i'm a righthanded golfer laa..

BeautifulMindLife said...

Oh ok.

Phil Mickelson should feel really glad to know that haha...

JuRi said...

haha. phil is right-handed, but uses a left-handed golf set.

guess i should've used a left-handed set at the beginning, rite?