sticky album dah siap!

we're back in malaysia after a great trip to the states. so much to catch up (biasalaaa, tinggalkan dunia realiti selama dua minggu, inilah akibatnya). first on the list is to finish off the wedding album for our first client. huhu. kesian dia lama tunggu album tak siap2. the timing was off. been busy with stuff at work and then the us trip. nak buat camner...

anyway, the sticky album is now ready. the cover is simple, but i like it and hopefully so will the client.

next, will be submitting photos for the custom album, hopefully by next weekend. insyaallah. only 2 pages left to be edited. one more late night of editing should do it.

rindunyaaaa nak bermain2 dengan d90!!!


wakif said...

pergh... hobi dah jadi money machine nie... keep it up!

JuRi said...

wakif bro,

gotta start somewhere, right? harap2 dapat laa 3-4 projects lagi this year. insyaallah!