two down, five to go!

been consumed with upgrading assessment preparation lately. actually, just went into full throttle last weekend, exactly 30 days to that magical date... 14th dec 2009!

i wanted to pass the assessment so much... more money (of course, what else right?) and also better respect at the workplace. being senior engineer, your opinions count more. cakap pun laku laa sikit. even goreng2 sket (or banyak, in some cases) pun takpe, orang percaya... hahaha. plus most of my close friends dah upgrade. pressure beb!

there'll also be more oppurtunities to transfer to other places (read: klcc).

seven topics to cover, two already completed:

variable speed drive, integrated motor control system, switchgear, ex-equipment & hazardous classification, power quality, digital communication, power system studies.

ya allah, permudahkan laa assessment hambamu ini (dan juga assessment kawan2 yang lain). moga2 segala usaha diberkati dan sukses waktu interview nanti... amin.

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