ramadhan 2009: breaking fast at sara thai kuantan

i was outstation at kuantan for a workshop last week. the workshop was boring, but the actitivies after it were great! my friends and i had our break fast at this thai restaurant located in the centre of kuantan city (opposite grand continental hotel).

the restaurant is quite famous, so the first thing we did was to book our table very early (around 4pm), even then almost all tables have been booked. we were lucky to get one table for nine of us. their phone didn't stop ringing the whole time we were there! people kept calling to book and order through phone. after that we select the dishes from the menu. almost every popular thai recipe is on it! they then gave us the price estimation, told us the table number and asked us to come back around 7pm, ready to eat!

menu for nine (all dish is of 'sederhana' size):
2 siakap (steam and chilli fried)
2 tomyam campur
2 lala masak _ _ _ _ _ (tak ingat masak apa)
2 sotong celup tepung
2 udang masak pedas
2 kailan ikan masin
nasi puteh
jug of fresh orange.

total rm176.

burrrppp.. alhamdulillah....

off we went for terawikh and bowling right after that...

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