10 things to do with rm10k

eeemmm, kalau dapat duit rm10k, apa nak buat ek?
  1. pay debts: hutang kawan2, hutang adik-beradik, hutang credit card, etc. long term loan tak perlu laah (macam loan keta, loan study, loan rumah, etc). unless nak bayar bagi habis (i.e. balance tinggal lagi rm 10k). basically pay all debts that have higher interest rate first!
  2. put in asb. bodo2 dapat gak 8% = rm800 per year in dividend. paling senang nak buat and minimum effort / supervision required.
  3. put in unit trust. especially when the price is low and the market is on the uptrend. but this one for medium term laaa. (3-5 years). kena baik dapat 50-60% return in three years.
  4. purchase a house / property. find a nice place to stay for the family (landed property of course). for investment plak, go for apartments around klang valley. berlambak tu. yang tinggi ada, rendah ada, kecik ada, besar ada. if done properly, it might give you multiple of rm10ks in the future.
  5. save for travel / vacation / honeymoon / big payment in the future (annual car insurance, for example). but if project is 6 months or a year away, refer bullet #2. dapat gak 1/12 x 8% x rm10k = rm66 for each full month duit tu duk dalam asb.
  6. treat self or someone special. new golf bag (hint2!), new pda, new laptop, nikon d90, iphone, whatever. tapi agak2 laa, kalau dapat rm10k, takkan laa nak treat with something yg harga rm10k gak kot...
  7. use it as business capital. but make sure laa business tu ada harapan sket and must be committed. it'll be a bit difficult laa for people with permanent job. (read: makan gaji).
  8. buy gold. don't worry too much about the price. bila2 pun bagus beli emas nie!
  9. save for wedding, because skang ni macam standard laa pulak para remaja amek loan untuk buat wedding. similarly, refer bullet #5.
  10. akhir skali.. jangan lupa sedekah sikit kepada yang perlu.

what will i do?

it'll be a combination of the above... tapi tak decide lagi in what order and percentage for each actions.

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