suriamas update shogun buffet & the proposal.

last weekend, despite full schedule, i managed to squeeze in a little bit of time to visit our aparment at suriamas bandar sunway to settle a few stuff.

1) new car sticker
our tenant needs consent letter to get new car stickers and gate access cards. the management now produces new car stickers every 6 months laa pulak. not sure ni dah jadi standard to all other apartments or not. ni rupa bentuk sticker car yang baru:

2) claim back rm1k renovation deposit
we paid rm1k deposit prior to start of renovation works. baru skrang nak claim balik. bukan apa, susah nak timing balik kl and tenant available at the house. this is because the management needs to do inspection to make sure that renovation works comply to the standards. unluckily, we didn't pass the inspection due to our aircond piping yang colour hitam tu telah menurunkan kecantikan apartment building tu. huhu. a very minor thing, right? anyway, rules are rules, so we need to find people to paint over the piping with the same colour as the background wall. only then we can claim the deposit.
need to wait for next kl trip laa gini...

3) tenant visit
kena melawat jugak tenant ni sekali sekala... i am happy to report that they are keeping the apartment squeaky clean! memang geng2 metro laa. dinner table siap ada fresh flower lagi, so say no more. cuma diorang report yg lampu kat wet kitchen tak nyala even tough dah tukar bulb and starter. so need to get electrician to check that one too.

dah letih melayan hal2 apartment ni, wifey ajak buffet lunch at shogun sunway pyramid! ingatkan buffet makanan jepun yang mentah, tapi ada banyakkkkkkkkk lauk pauk yang lain! kebab, pasta, ikan, beryani, etc etc etc. best and cheap @ rm35 per person. compare makan shushi king, yang rm6/plate, makan 6 plate dah rm36.... huhuhu.

but our activities didn't end there. that night we went to a movie premier at tropicana city mall. we watched 'the proposal', ticket courtesy of our soon to be new family member, han (dek a's fiance).

the movie ended at 1115pm, terus drive balik and arrived at kerteh around 2.30am. esok pagi gi kerja. and we are back to reality...

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