giving back

last weekend i joined wifey and her group of friends in a motivational camp for school kids, organised at this little camp, cheneh recreation resort. this was part of her company's effort to give back to the local community. we were assigned as facilitators to a group of around 60 students hailed from local schools around here.

at first i was quite hesitant to join. it was never in my blood to enjoy any sort of programs that contains words like "motivation", "team building", "management", etc. but to my surprise, it was quite a pleasant and fulfilling experience. i guess seeing the eyes of the kids and their level of appreciation and how grateful they were to be able to attend such program really put things into perspective for me.

anyway, we did a lot of activities over the 3 days, all of which aimed at increasing their confidence level and leadership qualities. these includes volcano design, stage performance, games, explorace, and a lot more. layan sangat each session, sampai terlupa to take photos. last day baru nak start amik. hehe. wifey lagi hebat, she and her fren co-lead the morning exercise session with poco-poco in the tunes of vio pipe by butterfingers!

ada satu part ni where students shared about their life and family and problems they faced, cuak beb as a faci, nak control macho even though sedih dengar kisah kehidupan budak2 nie. it makes me feel really grateful when i could buy cheesecakes and lattes and play golf whenever i want while other people struggle to buy their kids a new shoe. syahdu beb!

all in all, it was a great experience!

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