being boys and girls

we turned back the clock during our trip to genting highland this weekend. fun. kalah budak-budak sekolah. bowled. entered the theme park (both outdoor and indoor) and played almost all rides. rock climbing. watched “obsessed” at the movie, but it was only OK. haunted house. took way too many pictures even the real tourists cannot match it. shopping. enjoyed snowball fight at the snow world. sleep.

at the end of the day, we were brought back to reality on how matured we really are. everyone felt really tired. badan dah tak sekuat dulu lagi. lepas dinner, nak bangun balik bilik pun tak larat, apatah lagi nak ber-karaoke. setakat nyanyi sambil tunggu lift je laaa.

no energy to write anymore. upload gambar je laa.

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