last weekend we had lunch at Pizz*a Hut East Coast Mall. I had to wait for almost 45 minutes for a plate of pasta bolognaise…Apa lagi.. mengamuk la! I requested a customer service form from the waiter to ‘officially’ report the incident. Haaa baru laa diorang kalut nak layan… siap offer free lunch lagi.. Tapi biasa laa, nak jaga ego kan, terus blah dari situ…

sempat lagi amik gambar sementara menunggu pasta yang tidak tiba..

on the bright side, the manager apologized, gave her phone number and asked me to call her whenever we want to eat there again. She even promised to personally serve us in the future… Kesian gak tengok dia. Anak buah yang buat slack, dia yang kena face the pissed-off customer… macam kita ngan bos plak. contractors buat problem, kita yang kena jawab... huhu.

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