happy birthday

Bandung, 2009

This time we had birthday dinner at Loaf, Pavillion. Tak sempat laa pulak tangkap gambar berdua.. huhu. We had Salad, Prawn Sup in Bread and Seafood thingy for main course (forgot the actual dish name, gambar pun lupa nak amik). Tak lupa juga cupcakes chocolate yang sedap!

the following day, on the way back to Kerteh, just after midnite, wifey 's officemates made surprise celebration.. on the LPT highway! we stopped right after jabor's exit, waiting for jun's friends on the other car. at first we thought ticket diorang hilang sebab sangkut lama kat toll booth tu, rupenye geng2 ni siap mintak lighter from the booth operator sebab nak light up candle on the cupcake.. kelakar tahap unta! Pastu sumer keluar keta and nyanyi 'Happy Birthday' kat tepi highway. Sweet gila! Bergenang mata wifey... ni gambar kat tepi highway of wifey and her gang...

happy birthday babe... love u lots!

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