suriamas is up and running!

our suriamas apartment is up and running!

actually we rented it out since february this year lagi. carol, our agent, managed to find a group of indonesian students as our tenants. they are all students at the nearby sunway college. we rented it out as a fully furnish unit, complete with 3 units of aircond beb! carol on her part, prepared all the contracts and negotiated the price on our behalf. if i not mistaken the contract is for 1 year + 1. standard deposit is equivalent to 2 months of rent and a further 0.5 month for electricity and water bills. the rent is to paid before the 7th of each month. so far the tenants are very cooperative and paid on time.

the downside is of course the fee that needs to be paid for her service which is equivalent of one month rent. pikir2 balik, banyak gak duit agent ni buat. kalau dia close satu rumah seminggu, the monthly income can reach nearly five figures wooooo!

after months of hard work in renovating the apartment and finding suitable (read: quality but cheap) furniture, in the end we finally became landlord and landlady!

i really savour the experience in dealing with the contractors (banyak auta woo), the management of the apartment (banyak songeh woo), and so many others that we both went through. it was an indeed exhausting experience!

here is the list of shops that we went to find our precious furniture:
- ikea (wardrobe, langsir hanger, dinner table with stools)
- tesco (bathroom mirror and soap place-thingy)
- jusco (study table and chairs, coffee table)
- ttdi's 2nd hand furniture shop (divan beds, tv cabinet, l-shape sofa)
- (washing machine, fridge)
- kamdar (langsir)
- sen heng (kitchen stove)

the only thing yg tak settle lagi is renovation on our mini bar cabinet. the contractor buat taik. janji the cabinet to be ready and installed before february, tapi sampai la ni tak ready2 lagi. yg dia siapkan hanyalah wall untuk bar tu. dia punya table top entah bila laa nak ready. buat malu landlord jer. segan kita nak mintak rent bulan2. nasib baik our tenant tak kisah sangat.

anyway, enjoy the snapshots of our apartment:
suriamas sunway, 1245sqft, ground floor, 4 rooms 2 baths. fully furnish with 3 airconds, fridge and washing machine:


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