engineer for a day...

last week i had a chance to join a 'project independent review' session at tfdd office in klcc. after four and a half years working, this was my very first official visit to tfdd office. sayur gilaa beb! (nampak sangat tak terer, orang tak ajak involve in big project pun). so finally, i can personally see and feel what the fuss of working in klcc is all about, albeit only for two days. bayangkan, at the beginning of the year you already knew the number of projects under your responsibility and the execution window. so dapat laa plan properly. nak gi bandung for holiday pun senang. huhu.

this is soo different if compared to working in a plant, tak tahu for certain when equipment tu nak rosak. we tried our best to ensure they didn't (especially around the performance review season, hehehe). ni tak kira the difficulty of maintaining equipment yang selalu rosak. boleh pecah kepala woo. ramai engineer muda yang dah naik uban atau hilang rambut sebab asyik risau equipment yang diorang jaga tu trip. tu yang tengah shopping kat bandung pun dapat call from office. one can only do so much to avoid this from happening. the rest tu berserah pada Yang Esa.

dah laa diorang ni takde anak buah, so save a lot of time and effort, particularly related to their development and performance review. kalau dapat anak buah yang hampeh, laagi laa problem. this is part of the non-technical responsibilities. ada banyak lagi, contoh nyer kena jaga contract, kena beli barang, kena buat budget, join all kind of office initiatives, etc etc.

but the thing that struck me most is their actual job. it is proper engineer job! review design, perform (read: review) engineering calculation, baca drawing, buat site visit, equipment testing, commissioning new project, discussion with designer and manufacturer, etc etc. the list goes on.

no wonder ramai orang kerteh nak transfer to klcc! (although ramai gak nak ke klcc with the sole reason of tak nak tinggal kat kerteh, hahaha).

tapi ada drawbacks jugak kot kerja kat kl ni. top of the list adalah macet (jem) yg harus ditempuhi hari2. on average need to spend 3 hours of travelling daily. macam ni pun boleh botak kepala gak beb! kalau kat kerteh, keluar kerja kul 5.15pm, sempat tee-off kul 5.45pm at kgrp. tak pun layan keropok lekor ker, gi jalan2 pasar malam ker. kan best tu!

ni bukan komplen, sekadar luahan rasa hati. banyak woo advantage of kerja kat kerteh! but that is story for another day. i am really hopping that one day dapat jadi project engineer kat kl. but till then, maintain golfing kat kerteh and ngomel kat sini je laa jawabnyer...

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