down, but not out...

it took a few days to recover from heavy trouncing by liverpool at old trafford last weekend (1-4, are you kidding me?). the day after the defeat, teruk gila kena perli kat office, tapi tahan je laa.

i cannot wait for the premier league games to resume this weekend to see rooney and co bounce back and give fulham a trashing. man utd have always played well after a defeat by their arch rivals, kesian fulham..

oh, by the way, champions league quarter final draw sees man utd face porto. full schedule:

man utd vs porto
villareal vs arsenal
barcelona vs bayern
liverpool vs chelsea

i always prefer man utd to play at home for the first leg of any knock-out stage. don't really sure why, i guess it is easier playing away on second leg because each away goal counts double and there's no more return leg for the home team to recover.

five more games to be champions of europe.

glory glory man utd!

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